What are we working on?

Thought I'd put a little update on the blog to tell yall what's going on in my corner of the mixing world. I'm currently working on mixing a live album for a benefit concert given at our church last month. My wife and I have a friend couple (I have a guy friend, she has a girl friend, and they happen to be married to each other) who are in the middle of adopting two little twin boys from Ethiopia (exciting!), and this concert was hosted for fundraising. As you may know, the adoption process can be long, and is certainly expensive. No one I know pays completely out of their own pocket to adopt; fundraisers happen, as well as applying for grants and other programs.

Anyhow, the wife of said couple is a music teacher and happens to write her own music, so this concert was mostly her and her piano, along with a few accompanists thrown in and an original song by another friend of mine. I didn't come early enough to put in some condensers on the more important instruments, so the live sound guy had already set up with mostly SM57/58's, and a Beta on the lead vocal. Sigh...how I wish we could have had stereo piano. But, my drum mic (which was only used on 1 song) made for a nice ambient mic, so I do have that as a plus.

If you have a heart for potentially bringing some super cute boys home for the Hills, head on over to their blog:
This week is their week to be featured on an adoption blog, where you can donate to help them finish paying their adoption fees!

Sound bites coming soon! Take a second to say hi in the comments if you've passed by.