Heather and her guitar

I was telling a friend and fellow mixer how things have been slow in my mixing world lately, now that a baby is in the picture and things are always busy with the school year (though I'm not in school anymore, our time commitments still tend to line up with the school year, being in Blacksburg). But as soon as I said that, I found something to do!

Heather Hlavaty is a talented local singer-songwriter who put out her own album recently. It was recorded well, but unfortunately she didn't have anyone to mix it for her, so what's out there is semi-demo quality. You can check out her noisetrade here:
*update* Heather has replaced her mixes with mine, so if you listen below, you'll now be hearing my mixes!

So naturally I offered to mix the album for her, and she graciously accepted. Stay tuned for some new mixes and (gasp) a comparison!